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Geelong and Surf Coast Layard Park 60km Open
Entries have now closed

Last Open for the year. The Geelong and Surf Coast Layard Park 60km Open will be held on Sunday 30th October, 2016, at 10am from the Paraparap Clubrooms, Paraparap, near Geelong. Entries closed at midnight on Tuesday 25th October.

No late entries accepted. More details here.

Australian Veteran Cycling Championships 2016

The Australian Veteran Cycling Championships, due to be held in Canberra on the 21st to the 23rd October, 2016, have been cancelled, due to difficulties in getting permits. As it takes many months to organise such an event, there is insuffient time left this year to change to a different venue, so no event will be held this year.

Time Trial and Over the Ear Helmets

The VVCC would like to remind riders that Time Trial helmets, and similar "cut off" types of helmets without a tapered tail (and often have a face shield), that cover the ears, are not approved for road racing by the VVCC. Only standard road race helmets are to be used in any club or VVCC Open road race events.

Update on Disc Brakes

Disc brakes on road bikes are still not allowed at any AVCC or VVCC events. There are various safety issues that need to be evaluated and resolved before they are given the green light for use in AVCC races. The AVCC is monitoring trials of road bikes with disc brakes by the UCI, and until they are approved world wide by the UCI, will not be reconsidered by the AVCC for Veteran racing in Australia.

Rise in VVCC Membership Fees for 2016

Due to the increase in running costs that have occurred over the last few years, it was decided at the last VVCC meeting to raise the VVCC membership by $10 from 2016. This is the first rise in the VVCC component of the total membership amount for many years, the last rise being in the AVCC component.

The rise will take effect from 1st October 2015 for new members who wish to join after that date and take advantage of the 15 month first time membership, which lasts until 31st December 2016. Current members are not due to renew their membership until 1st January 2016, when the new rise will take effect for them.

Breakdown of the total membership amount you pay will now be $80 for insurance and AVCC, $55 to the VVCC, plus your club fee.

Heat Stroke and Insurance

Members are advised that your insurance does not cover Heat Stroke or similar conditions when racing or training in hot weather. Please use common sense when racing or training in hot weather.

Contacting the State Handicapper at Opens

Under no circumstances are riders to contact the State Handicapper at Opens to discuss their marks. Please go through your Club Handicapper if you have any issues with your mark at an Open.

Tail Lights Required

Riders are reminded that tail lights must be fitted to bikes at all VVCC and club events. They are to be attached securely to the bike, set to not flash (some riders are epileptic) and to be visible from at least 100 metres.



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